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Re: Building rpms on AMD64

> > with rpm you can do:
> >
> > rpm -e name.arch
> >
> > with yum you can do the same:
> >
> > yum remove name.arch

An even better way to remove them all at once.

rpm -qa --queryformat="%{name}-%{version}-%{release}.%{arch}\n" | grep
devel | grep i386 | xargs rpm -e

> Yet another problem: On a system with dual x86_64 and i386 libraries many 
> rpms are installed by default for both architectures, an example is 
> mozilla, the default install of FC3 contains these:
> mozilla-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-chat-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-devel-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-dom-inspector-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-js-debugger-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-mail-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-nspr-1.7.3-17.i386.rpm
> mozilla-nspr-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-nspr-devel-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-nss-1.7.3-17.i386.rpm
> mozilla-nss-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozilla-nss-devel-1.7.3-17.x86_64.rpm
> mozplugger-1.6.2-1.x86_64.rpm
> Here mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss are for both architectures - the problem 
> is: If one builds updates for x86_64 how does one easily determine what 
> packages that also must be created for i386?

  The building is controlled by what devel package files it finds. So if
you only have devel packages for x86_64 installed, then it just works.

> I have problems creating the i386 packages anyway, for example:
> # setarch i386 rpmbuild --target i386 
> Clearly something triggers setup for the wrong platform in this case, at 
> configure looks in the lib64 directories.
> This "works" though:
> # rpmbuild --target i386 --rebuild mozilla-1.7.5-3.src.rpm
> However the resulting rpm is not okay at all:
> # rpm -qpl mozilla-nspr-1.7.5-3.i386.rpm
> /usr/lib64/libnspr4.so
> /usr/lib64/libplc4.so
> /usr/lib64/libplds4.so
> Life on the combined x86_64 / i386 architecture seems a bit confusing to me so far :-(

I fixed this issue by compiling i386 stuff on a i686 box at work. Pretty
much the only things I wanted i386 were mozilla and galeon packages.
Other things like mplayer I just installed the i386 version with yum
from a repository.

I have libonobo is installed for both 32bit and 64bit. One of the files
in the packages in /usr/libexec/bonobo-activation-server. It is a 64bit
executable. It tries to
load /usr/lib64/bonobo/servers/GNOME_Galeon_Automation.server for the
32bit galeon which puts it in /usr/lib. So it isn't search both /usr/lib
and /usr/lib64 like it should. This also brings up the issue of a lot of
bad placement. GNOME_Galeon_Automation.server is a text file, so
shouldn't it be in /usr/share or something else anyway. When I asked a
galeon developer he said, yes, but that is where bonobo expects it.

A galeon developer told me 32bit gtk programs on an FC3 x86_64 system
were completely broken. When I asked for detail, he said that 32bit gtk
programs trying to use libpixbuf would try to load 64bit themes.

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