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Re: Proposed dovecot update changes

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 00:13 -0500, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=145214#c7
> > Our default dovecot.conf changed from fcntl to dotlock sometime after 
> > the release of FC2.  That is one of the reasons why we see this above 
> > bug.  This problem must now be attacked on two fronts:
> Argh. *Anything* that touches mail needs to use fcntl and fcntl
> only; it's stated policy, and not following it is asking for
> trouble with other mail-handling software.

We should change the default behaviour of the /usr/libexec/dovecot/imap
binary if the MBOX_LOCKS environment variable isn't set, because it
doesn't read dovecot.conf for itself.

In order to make it work again for people who use it from SSH with
Evolution/pine/mutt, I had to make a wrapper script which sets
MBOX_LOCKS=fcntl and then runs the real binary. 


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