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Re: goals for fc4?

Le mercredi 12 janvier 2005 Ã 01:38 +0000, Michael A. Peters a Ãcrit :

> Also - perhaps a jpackage repo and key.
> That though is a little harder because currently (afaik) jpackage does  
> not provide a repo mirror list. Maybe that should wait until jpackage  
> has their free j2sdk done (I understand they are working on one)

Well, this is supposed to be secret stuff;) Please don't block on it -
there may someday be a redistributable jvm rpm at jpackage, and someday
may even be next week, but the $VENDOR we're working with obviously has
its own paying products higher on the priority list so it's taking some

FYI at one point it looked like we could do jpp 1.6 with a jvm in but in
the end we had to do the release without it since it was taking too

> Fedora already installs one jpackage package, and jpackage does seem to  
> be the way to go if you want to do java stuff on Fedora, I know of no  
> other alternative that works well through yum.

There is more than one jpackage package in Fedora Devel right now;).
Stuff is moving both ways pretty smoothly.


Nicolas Mailhot

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