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RE: RFC: Optimizing for 386

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 16:35, Joseph D. Wagner wrote:
> > This is not true. The default optimization is for Pentium 4 class
> > processors.
> This is not accurate.  gcc has two separate sets of optimizations.  The first (mtune) tunes everything except the ABI.  This is the part that is optimized for the Pentium 4.  The second (march) actually tunes the ABI.  The second is optimized for 386.  In other words, it won't take advantage of any instruction that didn't exist on the original 386.
> I would like my ABI, especially for the graphics programs, to be optimized for more modern architecture, like i686.
> Joseph D. Wagner

Pointing out the obvious why doesn't somebody test core 3 against a
fully source built distro like Gentoo and see if the performance gains
are real - thats not just benchmark, but perceived responsiveness. If
the gains are that huge then users will cry ever louder and it will
happen.... thats the open source way.

Or alternately some people can "fork off" and build their own Fedora
based distro - Redhat lawyers permitting.......


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