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Re: RFC: Optimizing for 386

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 04:52:15PM +0000, Jonathan Andrews wrote:
 > Pointing out the obvious why doesn't somebody test core 3 against a
 > fully source built distro like Gentoo and see if the performance gains
 > are real - thats not just benchmark, but perceived responsiveness. If
 > the gains are that huge then users will cry ever louder and it will
 > happen.... thats the open source way.

Because its an apples/oranges comparison. Unless you have the exact
same versions of software, with exactly the same patches, with
exactly the same configuration options, on exactly the same kernel/glibc,
and only different compiler flags for the application, you're comparing
N different things at the same time, resulting in a cumulative effect
rather than a direct 1:1 comparison.

 > Or alternately some people can "fork off" and build their own Fedora
 > based distro - Redhat lawyers permitting.......

We didn't send lawyers after the folks rebuilding RHEL packages into
binary distros, so I can't see why we'd do so for Fedora, as long
as any trademark's were respected etc.


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