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Is there a working swsusp for FC3 2.6.10?

Hi there

I've just dropped-kicked SuSE-9.1 off my new HP NX5000 (I've been using Redhat too long to change, and can't live without yum :-) and put FC3 on it. I've got WiFi working (madwifi), but one thing SuSe 9.1 had that I can't live without was the swsusp support. It was great! Hit the power button, and 10-15 sec later the laptop had written RAM to disk and turned itself off. Hit the power button again, and 15-20 sec later you were back where you started. Cool :-)

Anyway, I tried installing vanilla 2.6.10 patched with the current swsusp, but it fell all over itself while booting. Laptops are so fickle!

However, it likes FC3 well enough (i.e. one of the 1,000 kernel patches in it must have fixed something to do with my laptop hardware), so has anyone got a src.rpm or a patch-for-the-swsusp-patch that'll get the current FC3 kernel playing nicely with swsusp?



Jason Haar
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