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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 16:08 +0100, Enrico Scholz wrote:
> dcbw redhat com (Dan Williams) writes:
> >> > Removed package gv
> >> there are enough alternatives.  But e.g. viewing postscript files is a
> >> common task and I do not know a program which can replace 'gv'.  And games
> >
> > Um, ggv or gpdf?  or kpd?  or xpdf?
> *pdf does not display PS files.
> > I'd personally use ggv,
> This has huge startup times (5 seconds) where gv appears in <1 second,
> is dog slow accross ssh tunnels and has unergonomic keyboard bindings
> (every viewer can be terminated with pressing 'Q' -- but not ggv which
> follows probably a stupid Gnome guide and requires ^W).

If you don't like the software in Core, you are fully allowed and
encouraged to install add-ons from Extras or other places.  Core cannot
and should not try to meet everyone's personal preferences, and should
not carry six apps that do the same thing.  There's a reason it's called
"Core" and not "Everything".  ;-)

Between gv and ggv, ggv is entirely the correct app to choose for Core.
While 'q' may be common among certain viewing apps, it is *not* common
among GUI apps in general, and the key bindings should be consistent
across the *entire* desktop.  Startup time, while _very_ unfortunate if
slow, takes second seat to user interface concerns.  Again, if you
dislike ggv, don't use it, and install something you do like.

In any event, Evince is likely to replace both ggv and gpdf (hopefully
even by Fedora Core 4's release, if we're lucky) so check that out and
see if it's speedy enough for you.  (It seems snappy as can possibly be
on my machine.)


(FC RPMs available at that site)

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