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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes


> I'm nowdays using XFCE a lot but I do believe its a logical candidate for
> extras. 

to clarify my stand on this I use KDE and even fluxbox on occasions
depending on my requirements. so I am not asking for KDE to moved to
fedora extras just because I happen to use Gnome or something else

I'm not so sure personally about KDE being an extras item. If someone
> said "you have two CD-ROM images no more" then I'd consider KDE for extras
> but not with four.

I was actually hoping that Fedora core 4 would limit itself to just
one CD or at the maximum two.  If Fedora project on the whole can
manage to produce more ISO images, having a subset of fedora extras
which includes the more popular packages especially those being moved
into fedora extras ( Making a case for KDE , xfce etc) would be very

Rahul Sundaram

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