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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 12:30 -0600, m g wrote:
> > lynx is needed for mutt to do html reading on text logins. Its also fairly
> > important for accessibility for some users. Elinks I wouldn't worry about
> > 
> Also, both are key parts of my "ssh in and fix an HTML-interface-only
> router" toolbox.  Depending on the HTML/authentication/router, one
> will work and one will not.  In my experience in Freenode's #fedora,
> I'm not alone in this use.

These kinds of comments really need to stop - it doesn't matter how
useful a utility is on your site, or even a number of users sites,
because *you can still install it from Extras*!

Removing a utility from Core is not going to in any way stop you from
doing what you need.  It'll just help make sure other users don't pay
the price (bloated "core" distro) for you doing what you need.

> -- 
> MG

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