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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

Jamie Zawinski wrote:

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On a tangent to this... whats the easiest way to get a feel of which
packages I'm not using on my fedora install? Is there anytihng more
clever than doing an exhaustive check of atimes on all the files owned
by rpm packages and comparing that to the package install time?

After I do a fresh install, I usually just go through the "rpm -qa"
list and start trying "rpm -e" on stuff that I believe I don't use,
and see when I get a dependency on something that I know I *do* use.

Try "rpm -qa --last", the older packages are often unused.

Which is distressingly often. There is just an amazing amount of
dependency clutter in there.

"dependency clutter" presumes that dependencies are arbitrarily designed to decrease the quality of your life.

That is not the case.

Instead ...

For example: I don't use Windows, ever. This means I don't use Samba.
But I can't uninstall it, because Nautilus depends on it. Now, I don't
use Nautilus either, but I can't just uninstall *that*, because
control-center depends on it, which I *do* use.

... nautilus "needs" samba much likes it needs just about every other bleeping library
in FC4. Why? Because users want "features", and features requires implementations,
usually in libraries, which use sonames, which are copied into package dependencies.

This situation is unlikely to change as long as users want "features", duh.

However, dependencies are the least of your problems. As long as nautilus links
libraries that link libraries that link libraraies that need samba, then one will not
be able to achieve joy of a full "featured" nautilus that executes unless the
necessary libraries are, indeed, present and installed.

Blaming dependencies form libraries is like blaming Kerry for Iraq.

Likewise, I don't own a printer and haven't in years, but I often find
myself unable to delete the zillions of printer drivers without also
deleting Ghostscript and half of Gnome or something.

So change how ghostscript is packaged, splitting out each individual printer
driver into a separate package, leaving a pristine ghostscript that floats your boat.

If space is tight, the first thing I do is nuke everything except en_US
under /usr/share/locale/ and /usr/lib/locale/ -- since I don't happen to
speak 113 different languages, that's more than 320MB of pure waste.

If space is tight, then you're cheap ;-) Seriously, diska *are* cheap. And there
is already a mechanism to install only requested locales, feel free to configure
to limit locales to *only* en_US if your boat is sinking because of locale

Blowing away /usr/share/doc/ is also helpful; it's huge, and every file
in there is Googlable.

Try --excludedocs, been in rpm for years. Seriously, /usr/share/doc ain't the problem,
look around a bit on your file system with "du -s".

73 de Jeff

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