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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

On Sunday 23 January 2005 00:23, Josh Boyer wrote:
> KDE is a large package to maintain both because of it's code size and
> it's large user base.  Someone from the community maybe well be able
> to do the job, but right now KDE is released and maintained as a part
> of Core.  It has a maintainer, it's part of the daily, weekly,
> whatever builds and it probably gets at least some QA testing.

For what it's worth, I always nuke the KDE packages sent from Core with 
the kde-redhat.sf.net packages. I've been an avid KDE user from the 
beginning, but still, on occasion use GNOME apps (xchat being the most 

I'm not opposed to moving KDE onto another ISO. As a more advanced user 
of KDE, I wouldn't be that opposed to just throwing it all out because 
I'm just gonna hookup with Rex's packages anyway.

That said, if this is seriously being considered, then I would recommend 
that GNOME get fair treatment: put onto its own ISO.  Maybe the base 
GNOME/Gtk libs to get up2date, anaconda, system-config-*, blah blah 
working should be on the first CD.  The rest of it (gnobots2, etc.) can 
be piled onto another ISO, which one can elect not to install.

Another thing to consider: users with bandwidth.  One CD bootstrap, 
mainlibs in place, then yum, apt, or smart the rest of it.

have fun,

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