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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Moving KDE to Extras would mean to close out any KDE application from
Core. From a user's perspective this can't be in anybody's interest.

its both in the users interest as well as in the interest of fedora project for having fedora *core* only provide the default stuff

Who is saying the the "default stuff" can't include any kde (or even qt?) applications or integration? Gone will be ooo-kde, Bluecurve-kde (redhat-artwork), and anything else that uses qt/kdelibs *at all*.

they also had to suffer a lot of flames for doing this. see
kde-redhat.sf.net for an effort to provide upstream packages removing
the redhat integration bits.

Correction: kde-redhat is primarily about adding features that redhat (purposely or not) doesn't include. We're doing our best to get many of these mods accepted upstream by redhat (see bugzilla.redhat.com's #121769, #121769, #136533; bugzilla.fedora.us's #1904)

Other goals had included removing the (hard) dependancies on redhat-artwork and redhat-menus, which could be considerred "removing redhat integration bits)". These last 2 goals have, for the most part, been dropped, since
1. it is now pretty much impossible to have a redhat-artwork-free system (though we still remove the hard
Requires: redhat-artwork
from kdebase, much good that does)
2. redhat-menus has gotten good enough (*), IMO, so providing an alternative kde-menus isn't worth the extra hassle
(*) except for http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/122181

If RH moves KDE out of Core, this will set a "bad" political signal,
which probably will be interpreted as "RH declaring war on KDE".
This can't be in anybody's interest.

you are over dramatising this.

IMO, no. The perception from many people will be *exactly* that RH has declared all-out war on KDE, true or not.

Everyone, please stop the mere suggestion of removing KDE from Core, at least not in the near future... until there is very tight integration with Extras. When/If that happens first, only then the possibility of discussing it is an option.

-- Rex

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