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Re: RFC: Soname in rpm name

Aurelien Bompard wrote:

Hi all

A question to packagers: what would you think of a policy to add the library
soname in package libraries ? For example, I have a libkexif package, which
provides libkexif.so.0, and at least 3 applications depend on it. Now there
is an update to libkexif, which provides libkexif.so.1. I can't update
libkexif without updating the applications depending on it.
OK, this is probably something that you know much better than me, and that
you've run into several times before, so you probably already know the
solution. I've searched a bit, and it seems that Mandrake and Debian both
have a policy to include the library soname in the package name :

How about a similar policy for Fedora ? Is it the best solution to this
problem ?

Ick. I see the entropic death of packaging, one file per-package. Silly.

73 de Jeff

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