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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:48:20 -0500, seth vidal wrote:

> > It's called "pre-Extras", nothing more, and we're still in the middle
> > of nowhere.
> > 
> > CVS is a step forward. Pre-Extras is a step backward. At fedora.us we
> > have the stable/testing/unstable classification and the separate
> > "pending" repositories, which we can use rather freely. With
> > pre-Extras, we don't even have a package submission policy. Package
> > updates for pre-Extras are done via bugzilla.fedora.us, because
> > nothing else is documented and CVS has not even been opened for
> > fedora.us trusted developers yet.
> Why are package updates for pre-extras done by bugzilla.fedora.us. All
> the packages in cvs are in red hat's bugzilla.

Please enlighten me. How did the package release procedure change
between fedora.us and pre-extras? Who does what? And where?

> > It is my impression some key people wait for FUDCon and hope for
> > wonders. While that may be an option for those who plan the official
> > Fedora Extras and else have not been involved so far, it is unbearable
> > for the active fedora.us and pre-extras supporters.
> Where did you get this impression from?
> I'm sorry to hear you don't like pre-extras, I was trying to help out by
> building those things and putting them up.

No, no, I'm glad that we have your FC3 builds in the pre-extras tree.
Surely better than no FC3 builds at all. And e.g. Dave Lawrence's
response time on requests for adding bugzilla components is
awesome. But let me repeat. I've said before at least once that if
Fedora Extras and its buildsystem need more time, we should keep
fedora.us running, simplifying procedures where reasonable,
continueing to grow. However, with intermediate steps like pre-extras,
promises, and no clear guidance we continue to kill off fedora.us
while Fedora Extras is not ready. As much as I'd like to migrate to
less burdensome procedures (for all of us!), currently some of us
"fight" at two fronts. New contributors don't know at all what to
do. And existing contributors, including so-called trusted ones at
fedora.us, are somewhere inbetween.

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