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Re: kernel-devel: should yum install, not update?

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Jeff Johnson wrote:
Axel Thimm wrote:
It has often been suggested to add a new rpm tag for this
purpose. E.g. you could have

UpdateMode: (installation|alwaysupgrade)


AutoUpgrade: no

rpm 4.4 would be a good candidate to get this in.

Not going to happen in rpm-4.4, or in *.rpm packaging.

There is no way for the packager to determine how a package should be installed on client machines, and so the value needs to be dynamic, not static, configuration on the install, not the build, machine.

How about putting this info into rpm *configuration*, instead of each and every depsolver's config? The downside of that is of course that customizing your favorite depsolver now consists of tweaking more than just depsolver configuration, but at least
a) rpm could ship with reasonable defaults for the distro
b) we'd have one definite place where this is set

The depsolvers would only need to switch from their internal mechanisms to looking up the configuration from rpm which should be easy enough, rpm itself would need some further modification if it's to honor the config.

Me, I don't personally much care where that info comes from...

- Panu -

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