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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

On 01/26/2005 11:45 AM, Peter Backlund wrote:
ons 2005-01-26 klockan 12:30 +0100 skrev Enrico Scholz:

Nicolas Mailhot laPoste net (Nicolas Mailhot) writes:

xmms uses gtk1 and doesn't seem to be needed; should it be removed?

No, there is no other nice-looking mp3/ogg/... player in FC.

... The controls are badly organised

what would be the alternatives? Some Gnome UI crap where half of the important options can be configured with regedit only?

I looked at rhythmbox and it is catastrophic for simple music listening... a
huge window which requires at least the half of my screen width (the minimal
window size seems to be 670x293). No way to turn off the window title, no
'pause' control, no control to influence the position within the song, a
volume control where 3 small curves show the volume... As said... a typical
Gnome2 application which tries to follow blindly a UI guideline without
taking care about ergonomic.


It has a pause button, it has a slider for controlling position in the
songs, and the size of the window is 350x85.

Pause and the slider do not appear until you play a song, which is in
line with the UI guidelines.

Yet when the window is made very wide, slider does not take advantage of additional space, it's fixed size :(

Also, rhythmbox freezes when I click any of the radio stations: buffering displays for a second or two and the program freezes.

When I select "small display", only title bar is displayed, window content is not there (this is the first app that does this sort of thing, I use IceWM as my window manager).

Additionally usage paradigm of rhythmbox just does not "click" with me.

I installed Beep Media Player yesterday and used it for a day. So far the only issue with it I have is removed "double feature", which makes it (and all the buttons) really tiny on my 1600x1200 21" CRT and 1280x1024 17" LCD (96 dpi). It may be a good replacement for xmms (although I still don't see why to seek for one ;-)


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