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Re: rawhide report: 20050126 changes

Le mercredi 26 janvier 2005 Ã 15:24 +0100, Tarjei Knapstad a Ãcrit :
> On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 14:47, Build System wrote:
> > 
> > New package jakarta-commons-beanutils
> > 	Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Package
> > 
> <snip more Jakarta and Struts packages>
> Hmm, I thought you were striving to reduce the amount of packages going
> into Core? Just asking really, but is Jakarta and Struts something that
> should be in Core? If so, why? What makes them important "base
> distribution" packages?
> (Sorry if I missed something and this is something that'll be moved to
> Pre-Extras)

Obviously that's a lot of stuff that will be used in RHEL.
It's nice to see that FC users will have access to the same java
infrastructure (unlike before when the stuff Red Hat did for paying
customers and the one dumped on FC people had nothing in common). Plus
given the spread of java in academic circles we might expect some nice
student projects to come out of it once there is a good gcj base in FC.

Nicolas Mailhot

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