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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

Casper Pedersen wrote:

I think xmms is ugly, no matter what theme you put on it. RhythmBox is
at least organized in a nice way.

Depends on how you see it; xmms is nice, small, and might not be pretty, but it works. RythmBox is big and slow to use with very large collections of files, but it is pretty.

Personally, I think xmms looks better. It's plain, but displays what it should and doesn't take a lot of screen estate. Rhythmbox is huge, looks really ugly (not exactly itunes in that respect... it manages to be huge and cluttered while not displaying much) and sloooooooow. When trying to add my music collection (5000 songs or so... got way too many CDs), xmms is finished in an instant. Rhythmbox just stays unresponsive for 30 mins using all CPU, not displaying any progress or letting you do anything. Then I just want my system back and puts it out of its misery.

Rhythmbox shouldn't displace better working alternatives until it has gotten useful.

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