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Re: Eclipse 3.1 (was Re: rawhide report: 20050126 changes)

> I'd like to ship a 3.1 M6 (or some stable incremental build between then
> and FC4 freeze) with FC4 and then update to M7 and 3.1 final as they come
> out.

Me too. Because of ...

>   - awesome new plug-ins like Jeff Pound's ongoing work on the Bugzilla
>     plug-in are dependent upon 3.1 (without a tonne of back-porting)

Thing like that, which would make the development life-cycle process in
eclipse more complete .. and ..

>   - making RPMs will be much simpler than how we're doing the 3.0.1 now

Organization of above.

> I'd like to go with 3.1, but we'll need to do lots of testing and
> bug-fixing.  The number of gcj/libgcj hackers capable of fixing bugs isn't
> that high and even getting things down to test cases is not an easy task.
> I'd like to hear people's opinions.

I'll help where I can. In porting the plug-ins (CDT, ChangeLog, RPM
import/export, etc) I expect some cross experience to apply.



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