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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

On 01/27/2005 05:34 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
Dariusz J. Garbowski (thuforuk yahoo co uk) said:

It's a database-backed music player, and cannot be compared to xmms,
which is totally different.

Therefore is not an alternative nor replacement. It's rather different application class that happens to play music.

Someone mentioned playing a file from filesystem. This is waht I do -- select files or directory from the filesystem and play it. I don't care about database backend.

You may be interested in totem as well.

Just tried it again (couldn't use it in any meaningful way on FC2 due to a nasty bug in XOrg 6.7.x that was fixed in 6.8.x).

I'm sorry to report that it crashes on my system (up-to-date FC3 + some additional packages from dag's and other repos) when I select no longer existing "recently used" file: error dialog pops up, CPU usage tops 100% and on totem window close I get bug buddy (which I just used to report this problem).

One more try, this time avoiding "recently used". Selected open file, and in my foolishness chosen bunch of mp3s. Totem went completely berserk! For some reason it started opening endless number of error dialogs reporting that it doesn't know what to do with those files and before I relised it managed to render my desktop into oblivion. I couldn't select any of the open xterms because new dialogs kept grabbing focus, Alt+F4 to close the dialogs was futile. What saved me from hard reboot was logging from my laptop via ssh and kill -9 the evil app.

There must have been dozens if not hundreds of those dialogs because it's taken 45 seconds before the last one vanished from my desktop.

- Why does totem keep opening so many dialogs?
- Can it be configured to simply ignore (skip) unknown files without displaying error dialog? (like xmms does)
- Why does it try to open last successfully (?) used file on startup? The effect is that when I removed that file totem welcomes me with error dialog stating that it could play that file.

I am afraid that with this kind of bugs it's hardly usable :(

I also agree with Ivan that it feels more like a movie player than generic multimedia player.

I think we may need to look closer at beepmp if we really think of replacing xmms. I can't comment much on it since I used it only for a few hours so far. It feels quite like xmms to me. First missing thing I noticed is no double size feature. I'd like to hear what other users of xmms think about beepmp. Is it ready to replace xmms?


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