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Re: Eclipse 3.1 (was Re: rawhide report: 20050126 changes)

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 11:51 -0500, Andrew Overholt wrote:
> * Andrew Overholt <overholt redhat com> [2005-01-26 09:47]:
> > 
> > I'm hoping to go back to a 3.1 milestone build before FC4.
> Looking at the schedules for Eclipse 3.1 [1] and FC4 [2], I see the
> following:
> Eclipse 3.1 M6 (stable build, API freeze):  2005-04-01
> FC4 Absolute devel freeze:  2005-05-02
> Eclipse 3.1 M7 (stable build, development freeze, etc.):  2005-05-13
> FC4 Release open, announced:  2005-06-16
> I'd like to ship a 3.1 M6 (or some stable incremental build between then
> and FC4 freeze) with FC4 and then update to M7 and 3.1 final as they come
> out.

Agreed, I've been using M4 and the integration builds and they're
working quite well for me, I don't really see any big issues with
eclipse itself coming up that late in the game though libgcj4/gij4 is
still a bit of a wild card, hopefully nothing big will pop up in

In functionality for Linux particularly I think 3.1 is a big step
forward with the permission bits and file permissions issues sorted out
along with GTK file chooser now being used.  As well I personally find
developing upstream eclipse plugins is definitely easier with 3.1 given
the number of changes that occur in the code between releases.  If we
have to go with 3.0 it's not a disaster by any means but given the
choice I definitely would prefer 3.1.

btw. I ran the rpms quickly and they worked great, awesome work!


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