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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

> How about more avid xmms users in this discussion give bmp
> a try and see if its good enough replacement.

I'd characterize myself as a "resigned" XMMS user rather than an "avid"
XMMS user, but I do use it.  I think its UI sucks, but I find that it

So I tried out BMP, and got nowhere.  

  1) The fact that it does not have a "double size" option is pretty
     much a showstopper, because I can't read a damned thing on that
     sub-postage-stamp-sized window.

  2) Perhaps I could fix this by wasting hours finding a less horrid
     theme to use but A) in five minutes of clicking and googling, I
     didn't see any easy-to-find collection of BMP themes, and 
     B) I'd really really rather claw out my eyes than dig through
     those anyway.  (Can someone recommend one that isn't totally
     'l33t and awful?)

  3) and this may be related to "1: can't read the window", I couldn't
     figure out how to play an Icecast stream at all.  xmms has
     "Play Location" on the menu, BMP does not.  Perhaps if I could
     read the window, the answer would be obvious, but I can't so it's

  4) "BMP" is a monumentally stupid name (hey, let's name the MP3
     player "JPEG"!) and "beep-media-player" is both dumb and too much

So then I tried Totem, and it suffers from the canonical Red Hat
braindamage of "oh, you haven't installed the mystery secret MP3 plugin,
and no, I won't even hint to you where to find it." Frankly, I can't be
bothered to go on this snark hunt again, I've done that enough times.

So, I'd be thrilled to try out an alternative MP3 player to XMMS, just
as soon as someone can point me to one that actually plays MP3s!

Jamie Zawinski      jwz jwz org                  http://www.jwz.org/
                    jwz dnalounge com      http://www.dnalounge.com/

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