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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

fre 2005-01-28 klockan 08:20 -0500 skrev Jeff Spaleta:
> On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:28:29 -0800, Jamie Zawinski <jwz jwz org> wrote:
> >1) The fact that it does not have a "double size" option is pretty
> >    much a showstopper, because I can't read a damned thing on that
> >    sub-postage-stamp-sized window.
> I Personally don't consider this a showstopper, but it would be
> interesting to know if the bmp developers have this feature or similar
> functionality on their development roadmap.

Right-click the clock area, or click the down-arrow in the upper left
corner of the player for a context menu.

> > 
> >   2) Perhaps I could fix this by wasting hours finding a less horrid
> >      theme to use but A) in five minutes of clicking and googling, I
> >      didn't see any easy-to-find collection of BMP themes, and
> >      B) I'd really really rather claw out my eyes than dig through
> >      those anyway.  (Can someone recommend one that isn't totally
> >      'l33t and awful?)
> bmp's website has a menu entry for skins  here's the url
> http://www.sosdg.org/~larne/w/Skins
> I think bmp is designed to use most if not all of the available xmms
> themes out there. So pick your fav xmms theme and drop it into bmp's
> Skins directory.   And the 'default is crap' issue is a red herring,
> because "if" its going to be re-packaged for core, I'm sure the
> bluecurve xmms theme core is now using would be used for bmp... which
> works just fine for bmp from what i can tell.

Yes, it works fine with the Bluecurve xmms skin. There is an environment
variable that lists additional directories to look for skins in, which
conveniently contains /usr/share/xmms/Skins in the livna.org package
(through an /etc/profile.d/ file), so that the BC skin can be used
immediately. Same goes for the Industrial skin, from ximian-

> > 
> >   3) and this may be related to "1: can't read the window", I couldn't
> >      figure out how to play an Icecast stream at all.  xmms has
> >      "Play Location" on the menu, BMP does not.  Perhaps if I could
> >      read the window, the answer would be obvious, but I can't so it's
> >      not.
> At the moment this is available functionality in the playlist window,
> as an 'add' option. We'd have to peek into bmp development discussions
> to see if there are plans and interest to place this functionality
> back into the
> > 
> >   4) "BMP" is a monumentally stupid name (hey, let's name the MP3
> >      player "JPEG"!) and "beep-media-player" is both dumb and too much
> >      typing.

Well, if you run a reasonably modern shell such as bash or zsh, you
could type "be" and then press tab to automatically complete to "beep-
media-player". You may need to supply a few additional letters, if you
have more than one binary in your $PATH beginning with "be".


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