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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]


> It seems that a lot is being read into the word
> "Core" in the
> distribution that is not meant (at least according
> to the Fedora
> website).

there are goals that are stated and then there are
policies and objectives to be made more explicit and
maybe even redefined. the fact that fedora core doesnt
have any stated goal to provide only defaults has
already been discussed before

> It also seems that some people want to push every
> package they don't
> personally use 20 times a day to Extras, despite the
> fact that many
> others use those packages and that there are not
> always good
> alternatives in the distribution.

you seem to be assuming that I am pushing for changes
to fedora core on packages that I dont personally use.
You couldnt be more wrong. moving packages into extras
doesnt prevent anyone from using it. that has been
stated innumerous times before too

Rahul Sundaram

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