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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 09:17:18 -0700, Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> > Quite a few of us would like to see software we do personally use pushed
> > to Extras. 
> Hi, I haven't been following this discussion, but I'd like to say that 
> I don't want to see software I use pushed to extras due to the fact
> that Extras is not sync-ed to Rawhide. I am a rawhide beta tester, and 
> extras is a pain for me to use. Do you know what kind of hackery is
> required to get the Nvidia driver from livna properly installed on a 
> rawhide system? That's because Livna, like extras, is not sync-ed to
> rawhide. 
> I'd like to see a rawhide-tracking extras, and I've asked this question
> before. I was explained that there are no resources for it. Until 
> resources are found I suggest this be taken into account.
> By the way, that also implies you will get no testing for extras
> packages, leading to more bugs not being discovered until release.

The first is [still] true, the second is not. So far - with the
exception of killing fedora.us for FC3 - the extra packages had been
rebuilt against at least one FC test release and updated in sync with
the test releases. This shall happen again with FC4 Test1. And then will
need extra resources who deal with breakage, i.e. developers who run the
test releases. This need not be the primary package owners. There should
always be room for multiple people maintaining a single package.

And when that happens for many packages, and one out of each group of
maintainers additionally tracks Rawhide, you can talk about trying to
track rawhide with an extras development stream.

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