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Re: Nvidia packaging for Fedora

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:
nvidia should *not* be the provider for libGL.so, but MesaGL. Else you end up with binaries that work only on/for nvidia users.

You fail to see that libGL.so is a dead link on systems which don't have
Mesa GL installed.

But Mesa GL *should* be installed if you intend to compile anything. That's the point.

So, requiring me to go install Mesa GL is already a bug.

I fail to see how/why requiring MesaGL to compile anything is a bug.

rpm -ql xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL* -p


How is this supposed to work?
/usr/lib/libGL.so.1 takes precedence over the nvidia folder with the same lib.
Even if it didn't, relying on which libGL.so.1 came first
seems like a very fragile setup. I recall redirecting that link,

The nvidia folder is supposed to take precedence at runtime. That is how it is *supposed* to work.

Fragile or not, it works for most folks, and is certainly better than what the nvidia installer does.

-- Rex

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