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Another "Stateless" project for Fedora


I wish to introduce my own little "stateless" (actually
a kind of NFS-readonly-root) project :
I wanted to do this completely from the scratch - to learn something :).
Maybe it will be interesting for you :).

The goal is to boot Fedora Core 3 by PXE and mount root from NFS
(readonly). I've prepared some scripts to create the "initrd.img" for
booting. They were designed to work on FreeBSD (which is a server in my
case), but I've tested them on Fedora Core 3.

Currently only those scripts are published (I think it's the most
difficult part) and documentation for initrd.img and the booting
process (*only in Polish*, sorry my English is awfull :) ). In the
future I will publish another part of scripts - how to prepare NFS
server for serving NFS-root...

Hope my work will be usefull for someone
Krzysztof Kozłowski

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