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Re: Nvidia packaging in Fedora (Summary)

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
I heard X will be modularized for FC5 so all libraries will be split up
like that. Is that not the case?

Where did you hear that? So it's going to get even more complicated?

i've been hearing mharris wax eloquent about moving away from the
'monolithic' approach to modular pieces for X related libraries for a
while now. Catching him when he's actually using eloquent speech
however is a refined skill that takes much practice.  I'm pretty sure
modularization is on X.org's development roadmap moving foward.. but
i'm not sure its wise to give a timeline as to when its ready. I have
no idea what state the effort is in i dont keep up with xorg related

A motion to discuss the modularization of the X.Org X Window System was brought to the table and approved recently by the board of directors.

The project is currently in the initial planning stages, and the modularization working group is currently being formed. A detailed roadmap including timelines is not presently available, but may be forthcoming at a future juncture now that the wherewithal has been obtained.

Parties potentially interested in contributing to the grandoise effort are encouraged to contact the X.Org project and express their intentions and concurrance with limitless exuberance via the xorg freedesktop org developmental mailing list.

If there are no further questions or concerns, I'll move on to the next agendum.

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