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Re: Better repodata performance

> I was thinking to myself that having to download only the compressed
> xml files might be a win (bandwidth-wise) over going though all of the
> headers like good old yum 2.0 did, at least in the short term, and for
> a repository that doesn't change too much.

Since you need all filelists to look at dependencies, the data is
just real big. True, the rpm deps are real nice working to have the
correct packages installed.

One thing I always wondered: Given you only install from one repository
(or maybe several ones where then data is collected for all of them;-)
and you create a special dep graph. Can you then use a reduced dep info
to know that packages all update to available rpm packages in the newest
repository and you can then use the graph to look at deps instead of
computing that again on the client side?


Florian La Roche

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