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Re: repository creation

On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 19:01 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> But yes, splitting packages by usage category, like -debuginfo, and 
> srpm, would
> only help. Another split might be attempted by "popularity" as objectively
> measured by number of downloads. "Popular" or "important" packages might be
> released more often, while other packages less often, another way to reduce
> the amount of information that flows from repos.

Or maybe splitting repos into different areas of Core.  So you could
have a CORE repo, and KDE repo, a GNOME repo, a OOo repo, a Java repo,
etc so you only have to look through the repos that concern your install

eh-GADS!  That almost sounds like the whole CORE - Extras idea that's
being floated ;-]

>From the pain come the dream
>From the dream come the vision
>From the vision come the people
>From the people come the power
>From this power come the change

                         - Peter Gabriel

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