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Re: Volunteers? was Re: further package removals/potential package removals

Hey Jef, thanks for compiling this list!

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Bill Notting:
>    xloadimage
>    nedit
>    jed

jed to extras once that process works, but probably needs to stick around 
until then. The others look right.

> Peter Robinson:
>   Can we also get rid / move to extras all the non
>   GNOME 2 / GTK 2 apps so we can get rid of the remaining GNOME 1 / GTK
>   1 cruft as well?

Need specific package nominations.

> Féliciano Matias:
>     move to extras dosfstools

This one is needed as mentioned on the list.

>     move to extras Lynx (or elinks)

These (and w3m) each have particular quirks that apparently make them all
worthy of inclusion.

>     move to extras lesstif and/or openmotif21

openmotif21 may be needed for compatibility. lesstif sounds fine so we'll

>         leave openmotif which is used by:
>                 stardict, ddd, xpdf, nedit, iiimf-le-chinput
>     move to extras xpdf

We'll wait until evince gets in.

>     move to extras ddd

I think it needs to be maintained in Core for now, as it's the only 
graphical debugger worth much.

>     Remove rpmdb.

This is useful to some people and is especially needed for building x86_64

>     move experimental gcc (gcc4 in FC3 for example) to Fedora Extra.

No, this is needed for java stuff.

> Alax Cox:
>     Possibly joe into extras

Same deal as jed, I suspect.

> Nicolas Mailhot :
>     Even better : get rid of all the stuff that doesn't use fontconfig
>     yet

Need specific package nominations, please.

The list so far: xloadimage nedit lesstif

-- Elliot

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