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Re: Init scritps timeout

On Sat, Apr 15, 2006 at 02:14:36AM -0700, Federico wrote:
> Yesterday my server had a power failure and the ldap database got corrupted.
> The weird thing is that the corruption caused the ldap init script to hang and
> it stopped the server boot. Today I corrupted the database on purpose to
> reproduce the problem but it's not happening anymore.
> Beside all the precautions (ups, raid, journaled filesystems, etc...) and
> beside the fact it probably was a really particoular database corruption,
> shouldn't the init scripts have a timeout? If any of the scripts hangs the
> whole boot process stops. Isn't this a really dangerous behaviour?

I personally think using Berkeley DB is dangerous behavior, but what
can you do?

Fortunately db_recover seems to be taking care of these issues pretty
reliably.  I wonder if a quick call to it at the beginning of the ldap
init script might be a good idea...

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