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Re: aiglx

dragoran wrote:
Vitor Domingos wrote:

Mike A. Harris wrote on 03/02/2006 07:02 PM:

Benjy Grogan wrote:

It would be great if Red Hat and Novell could convene under a big tent and agree to work on SELinux for security and Xgl for accelereated GL.

You don't seem to understand the problem domain very well.  Might
be worth educating yourself on exactly what Xgl is, and exactly
what accelerated indirect rendering is before formulating grossly
ignorant opinions.

Maybe this could help:



Indeed.  In particular the last comment on the page says it all:

>RE: web sites prefer flame wars
> By FooBarWidget (1.71) on 2006-03-02 19:50:32 UTC in reply to "web >sites prefer flame wars" >Exactly, I agree. OSNews and Slashdot are actively provoking the >community. Recently Gnomedesktop.org published an article which >explains X's background and how AIGLX and XGL actually share a lot of >code with each other, and neither Slashdot nor OSnews publish the >article. The community receives too much bad news, which makes people >flame at Linux and OSS all the time.

How much banner ad revenue would Slashdot or any of the other
equally horrible news sites make if they published the truth, or
published honest and fair journalism?  Their revenue would plummet!

If people read that the developers at Red Hat, Novell, and other
companies actually work together and collaborate on things, and
contribute to a common pool upstream, and that the work being done
by one company is benefiting the work done by the other company,
it all sounds way to happy and friendly.  Nobody wants to read
true things like that!

People want to hear about negative things.  People want there to be
wars, fights, intense tooth and nail competition.  If those things
don't exist, they want people to make up bullshit stories and post
it as news.  That way they have something to argue/debate nonsense
with during their lunch breaks with other drones around the world.

People - negative articles, true or not - SELL!  Happy stories do
not sell.  They're boring and make people go to sleep.  Controversy
is King.

Sorry to disappoint everyone that the negativity and other nonsense
surrounding the articles doesn't hold much water in reality.

Just say no to Slashdot today.  (And all the other garbage sites
out there).

Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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