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Compiling alsa 1.0.11rc4 on FC5 and kernel wierdness


First of all, thanks for helping me find the kernel sources. I did find

Now, I have another interesting problem. 

I am trying to compile the alsa driver from alsa 1.0.11rc4 and I am
having lots of compiler errors.

I have done some tracing and I have seemed to come to a conclusion that
there are some kernel 2.6.16 features (such as structures) in FC5's
yet that kernel is 2.6.15**. This is breaking some conditionals in the 
source code where it is looking for kernel version 2.6.15 or earlier.

Are any of you aware of changes that have been put into the 2.6.15
that FC5 has that are actually from the 2.6.16 stock kernel?

For that matter, have any of you been able to successfully compile the
version 1.0.11rc4 driver under the FC5 kernel?

Thank you

Mark Allyn

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