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Re: system-config-boot

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 15:41:21 -0600
"Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote:

> I would like to submit for critique, suggests, etc. this program I have
> made. It is the first GUI app I've made in Linux, and I would appreciate
> some constructive criticism.
> I made this program because system-config-boot as it exists (in FC4 and
> FC5Test3 at least) only allows for selecting of a default boot entry and
> changing of the timeout. And FC tends to accumulate a large list of boot
> entries during its release cycle. Who knows, maybe this can be included in
> FC.
> I coded it on a machine running FC5Test3 in case that makes any difference.

At first blush it looks good, only some minor comments.

It would be nice to have some mouse-hover pop up help or
maybe a full blown help button on the Edit-Boot-Entry screen.
I'm not sure what options like "Make root active" actually do.

Would be nice if only the tab for the boot type (kernel/
chainloader) you select was available.  Or at least the one 
not selected should be dimmed out to make it clear that it's 
not needed.

The default and fallback designators are a little odd.  I realize 
you're supporting all the features of boot.conf by showing them.
It just seems a bit strange changing the menu order and not making
the top one the default.  Probably nothing to do here, just
didn't feel right at first.

Not sure what the modules list on the kernel tab is meant to do.


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