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Re: possible yast porting? was: slashdot on fedora-marketing-list

Rahul schrieb:
> Steve Barnhart wrote:
>> Well Ok I'd like to some people for their actual dissection of what
>> the problems were. I guess I don't work in production environments
>> (not that Fedora is even for that??) and didn't realize so many users
>> hatrid of YaST. I've always found it pretty simple to use but maybe
>> that's just me. At least reasoning was given..hopefully the team can
>> atleast add some more system-config-* programs or something.
> Are you or any of the Yast fans willing to work on porting and packaging
> it in Fedora? Regardless of how many other people dislike it if people
> work on it and get into Fedora Extras following the guidelines nobody is
> going to oppose that.

I'm not so sure in this regard. I think I would oppose that a bit. Not a
general veto, but I'd would like to have a general discussion first if
having Yast (or similar Tools) in Fedora really is a good idea.

I think it might not be a good idea because I suspect it could lead to
bad interactions with our normal configurations tools, RPM-Packages and
(startup)scripts and therefor could do a lot of harm and confusion to
our users.

But that would depend on the quality of the port -- and that does not
exist yet. So it's a theoretical discussion and all speculation at this
point of time.


P.S.: there was a port of yast to debian in the works, but that's
stopped "due to lack of time/resources."

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