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Location of gconf schema files

Hi all,

During the review of one of my packages it was pointed out that files under /etc/gconf/schemas should not be marked %config, because they shouldnot be edited and because leaving old edited versions there when using %config(noreplace) could have bad side effects on the working of gconf.

So I filed a bug against rpmlint as rpmlint complains about files under /etc/gconf/schemas not beging %config:

Ville then asked the question in that BZ ticket, that since these files shouldn't be edited, that we really should be installing them under /usr/share. I also know of atleast one package where upstream by default does exactly that.

Ville also found a Debian draft policy on this:

I tend to agree with Ville's and the Debian draft policy's reasoning, these files really should be under /usr/share (and gconf should be tought to look in both locations)

So what do others think? I would like to see some discussion on this here and then I would like to see / ask the FPC (to) make a decision on this, includng whether or not to use %config for them.

Thanks & Regards,


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