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Re: crash reporting


On 8/1/07, Caolan McNamara <caolanm redhat com> wrote:
> This sounds sort of tantalising, especially the F8 timeframe. What are
> the details ? Is there e.g. an online core dump mapping service to be
> made available ? And if so, a standardized desktop UI crash reporter to
> submit the core somewhere on crash ?
> Seeing as gnome apps intercept by default SEGV and launch bug-buddy
> instead of creating a core dump and OOo does similar should we have a
> pile of bugs to just remove this stuff and crash to core and let

during last GUADEC we (GNOME guys) outlined a plan. Now bug-buddy
installs a seghandler as a GTK_MODULE. When a crash happens, if debug
symbols are present, we do it in the old way: bug-buddy invokes gdb
and gets a backtrace and send it to bugzilla.gnome.org. If no debug
symbols are present, the handler dumps a minidump file of the process
and invokes bug-buddy, which sends it to a debug server. This debug
server is currently under developent, but then plan is to have a
reference codebase (based on mozilla socorro) from which distros can
build their own debug server and feed it with their debuginfo
packages. We, as GNOME upstream, probably are going to offer a debug
server for those distros without the resources to set up their own.

How to forward a crash from the debug server to the upstream bugzilla
is not clear 100% yet.


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