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Re: crash reporting

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 13:32 +0300, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> Hi
> On 8/1/07, Caolan McNamara <caolanm redhat com> wrote:
> > This sounds sort of tantalising, especially the F8 timeframe. What are
> > the details ? Is there e.g. an online core dump mapping service to be
> > made available ? And if so, a standardized desktop UI crash reporter to
> > submit the core somewhere on crash ?
> >
> > Seeing as gnome apps intercept by default SEGV and launch bug-buddy
> > instead of creating a core dump and OOo does similar should we have a
> > pile of bugs to just remove this stuff and crash to core and let
> during last GUADEC we (GNOME guys) outlined a plan. Now bug-buddy
> installs a seghandler as a GTK_MODULE. 

> If no debug symbols are present, the handler dumps a minidump file of
> the process and invokes bug-buddy, which sends it to a debug server.
> This debug server is currently under developent

And we also have this wiki page: 

It's like 4 buses came along at once :-), personally I don't actually care
what a given solution to what to do with crash stacktraces actually is, 
but I would like there to be a single solution for our desktop apps and 
start on connecting OOo up to it. 

Sun doesn't take OOo distro stacktraces into their own infrastructure hence
the short-term quick and dirty paste me in dialog which has ended up being a 
long-term hideous solution. I'd like to not quick suck so badly, so it's be
nice to have a common distro crashreporting infrastructure/policy. 

Even if that policy is "fedora doesn't want to know about them, send them directly
to the upstream project servers". that's be fine too and I could start on trying to
cook up a custom OOo solution.


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