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Re: RPM roadmapping

Panu Matilainen wrote:

Not everybody is on rpm-maint list and we'd like to hear the wishes of (Fedora) developers/packagers too. So: what have you always wanted to do with rpm, but wasn't able to? Or the other way around: what you always wished rpm would do for you? What always annoyed you out of your mind?

This came up yesterday, so it's fresh in my mind. It'd be nice to have a mechanism for ordering constraints that didn't double as a package discovery mechanism. That is, "Antecedent: foo" rather than "Requires: foo", where the the former is only used by tsort, and if the package is absent the ts will still pass a dep check.

The specific case is the ordering during installation; if you're using e.g. iscsi, then we need this (fragment) install ordering:


But we don't want mkinitrd to actually depend on iscsi-initiator-utils; it shouldn't normally get installed unless you're actually using it.


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