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F7 metacity unrecognized ?


This past week, I updated a F7 machine which included: gtk2, glib2, & gdm. Ever
since then, about half the time I login to gnome it has no window manager. Any
terminal opens the menu over the top panel. The desktop switcher is gone. It
claims there is no window manager installed. I can't drag any windows
anywhere...no title area. No control over where windows open they are randomly
placed...sometimes partly offscreen. 

Running "metacity --replace &" seems to temporarily solve the problem - even if I
manually save the session. So, has anyone else run into this? Which component is
likely to be the problem? It seems like its not saving metacity into the session
or something fails kicking it out of the session. Looking at the
System->Preferences->Personal->Sessions, it lists 2 programs as "no name". Not
sure if that's related, but its odd considering this is a freshly installed &
updated machine.


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