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Re: Kernel Modules in Fedora -x

dragoran wrote:
>>>  cfs is a cpu scheduler we already have a fair io scheduler (cfq ;) )
>>> but cfq got some improvements too (uses a rbtree now like cfs)
>> Just throwing it out there, because the responsiveness of my desktop
>> went up like 100x while doing heavy lifting in the background (like a
>> kernel build) when I 1) upgraded it to a kernel w/cfs and 2) shut off
>> beagle indexing.
> the worst thing you can do is to let beagle index a dir where you build
> stuff...
> (I still use beagle but I excluded them).

Yep, I now know this, and have since rpm -e'd beagle into oblivion --
I've never really cared enough to use it (I run OS X too, and never use
spotlight). But before I nuked beagle, with it running in conjunction
with cfs, it was nowhere near as bad as prior to cfs, so at least in my
single use case, empirical evidence says cfs is good. :)

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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