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Re: find-debuginfo.sh

> Some maintainers do local builds in mock, before sending things off to
> the build server.  If we could get the buildid stuff into local mock
> environments for testing easily before it goes live in the build
> system, you might find some more in-the-wild problems from people
> willing to go the extras mile and be helpful, before you get the
> pitchforks and torches from another niche group.

http://koji.fedoraproject.org/scratch/roland/task_94236/ has rpm packages
with the latest (fixed) find-debuginfo.sh.  What else should I do?

> I think the public commitment to help people out will go a long way in
> smoothing out the introduction period.  Would it be possible to have
> the new script provide a wikipage url in the build.log if there is an
> error generated by this script? And in the wiki page you can summarize
> the gotchas as you find them and provide contact info for maintainers
> who run into a new problem yet to be listed?

Well, I suppose.  But isn't this what fedora-maintainers is for?  Can't I
just post there and expect people to read it?  I mean, it's rawhide, and I
broke it for a day.  I broke the linker far worse than this a few weeks
ago, and noone gave me any flak--and with these problems I will actually
know how to fix them!  

Honestly, I'd like to just break it again tomorrow, and bring the pain.
There was one bug found in the script today, which I fixed today.
There is one vaguely common upstream bug, which I posted a warning about.
Do we really need a dissertation on the subject?


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