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Re: Enabling Compiz by default?

2007/8/10, Dave Airlie <airlied redhat com>:
> On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 19:05 -0400, Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
> > On 08/09/2007 06:18 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > > Compiz is too buggy to use - its still hopelessly broken with java menus
> > > and you'd want to use one of the actually maintained compositing managers
> > > instead.
> >
> > Which ones?
> >
> > Ubuntu Gutsy will have Compiz fusion by default.  And they're fixing
> > bugs to reach this goal.  We could benefit from their work, or
> > reinvent the wheel by going a different route.
> >
> Ubuntu aren't doing any work on fixing the technical problems with
> compiz, if they turn it on on gutsy it'll be on nvidia binary drivers
> only. Otherwise  things like 3D apps and movie playing will get
> seriously screwed..
> They are benefiting a lot more from the work Red Hat are doing than we
> will ever benefit from them.
> Dave.
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Well personally i am all for pushing compiz fusion as fast as
possible. Actually i have todays git checkout running on rawhide and
it wfm.

What would certainly help is a list of issues and a goalsetting what
really has to be achieved to be able to enable it as default without
having too much breakage.

A working noveau driver that does aiglx fine and the r500 driver
imported into rawhide (and push it towards reliability with aiglx)
would for sure a neat first step in achieving the goal that it works
for most users out there.

Just as a sidenote: akamaru and kiba-dock would also be a neat
addition as eye candy and show off panel ;)

And as for testing setups i think i really need to file a feature
request in gnome-session-manager to be able to save and restore
session profiles. That would also help with experimenting with
different panels/apps/setups while beeing able to restore defaults
easily and switch between various setups without too much hassle.

Rudolf Kastl

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