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[RFE] Bugzilla Products cleanup


I want to propose some changes to the Bugzilla Products to make it more clear 
where to file bugs.

First I want to propose to remove the "distribution" Component from 
the "Fedora"-Product it create a new Product "Fedora distribution" or 
something better, that describes that bugs about Live Media, Comps, etc. 
belong there.

Second would be a rename of the "Fedora"-Product to "Fedora Packages"-Product, 
to make clear that every component of "Fedora Packages" is a package, or are 
there other non-package components, too?

And third, (re)move the "Fedora Infrastructure" (and maybe Legacy, too). Afaik 
the place for "Fedora Infrastructure" bug reports is 
Maybe thes products can be moved to a "Archived Products" or "Discontinued 
Products" in Bugzilla.


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