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Re: Enabling Compiz by default?

On 8/10/07, Jon Nettleton <jon nettleton gmail com> wrote:
> I would have to see it to say.  I think what I find distracting is this
> possibly
> large real estate on my screen just did something.

It's easy to play with... there is an appearance entry in the window
decoration menu where you can set opacity,saturation,brightness per
window, so you can manual set it and see if its subtle enough but not
too subtle at 75%.

> My bigger problem is that it is yet another way for a user to be notified
> that something is happening with their desktop.  Why would we flash
> the taskbar or window decoration when a window is "urgent" or ready,
We grey out things we can't interact with as par of the UI already..
its an establish concept...for elements inside of a window.  My
forward button in my firefox toolbar is currently grey...i can't use
it.  The copy menu item in my gnome-terminal Edit menu is greyed, I've
got nothing on my clipboard..i can't use it.

Greyed out buttons are inactive buttons, greyed out menu entries are
inactive menu entries. I don't think its a stretch to take that to a
window as a whole and if anything its the most consistent behavior for
a window you cannot interact with.

Urgency notifications are all over the map however, I don't think is
an ingrained concept so there's no obvious way to indicate it. We've
got window list blinking, we've got notification bubbles, we've got
window decoration hilighting,we've got system tray icons. No obvious
leading concept in the space at all.


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