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Re: Enabling Compiz by default?

lør, 11 08 2007 kl. 01:11 +0200, skrev Ralf Ertzinger:
> Hi.
> On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 17:56:20 -0500, Callum Lerwick wrote
> > Ever tried using yumex with compiz? It ends up going grey, usually
> > because I *told* it to do something, and it is *already* indicating
> > its busyness with a progress meter.
> To be completely honest, I consider it a bug in the application if
> it becomes unresponsive (in the context discussed here) under normal
> system conditions.

Indeed, you have no idea the amount of complaints I heard over pup
displaying this behavior. Granted now it's some what better but it still
does this. This kind of behavior should be considered a bug, if for
anything but the fact that it scares the living shit out of users and it
just makes Fedora look like a toy OS that can't even get their updater
application (which is likely one of the first applications new users
see) to work right.

- David Nielsen

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