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Re: mutt + sidebar patch

Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> The way to get features into Fedora is to get them merged upstream.
> It would be far more useful bringing these things to the attention
> of mutt developers and asking them to consider adding them for the
> next release (note that mutt isn't known for regular feature
> releases).

Both patches are known to upstream.  It's highly doubtful that the
sidebar patch will get included -- unless it gets some love so that
the mutt devs don't think it's poorly written[1].

I don't know the status of any of the trash folder patches, but
there's been plenty of discussion on mutt-dev about what features and
patches should make it into a 1.6 release (which will hopefully happen
sometime this year).

[1] See my earlier comments in this thread -- which weren't meant to
piss on Karel's favorite patch :).  It was mainly to make it known
that upstream doesn't want that patch included as is.  I'd hate to see
it get included into any official Fedora builds until it gets the love
needed to make upstream less averse to it, at the least.

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