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Re: Disabling atime

Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Benjamin Lewis wrote:
>> In my experience, viewing a folder of images as thumbnails is
>> significantly slower with atime. Many users will be viewing folders of
>> images methinks. In addition, most GUIs read a large (read huge) number
>> of files when they load, so load times for the  GUI should be reduced also.
> in my experience... should be...
> Does anyone have any numbers?  This thread has been long on assertions,
> and very short on measured results.
> noatime may well be faster in various situations.  Is anyone who is
> advocating noatime willing to demonstrate the speed gain quantitatively?
> For such a long thread on performance tweaking why are there so few
> benchmarks or timing results?
> -Eric
I believe there were some quantitative numbers earlier in the thread,
and I remember someone mentioning a 5% increase.


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