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Release i386 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2007-08-11

Here's a full top-to-bottom private rebuild of rawhide.  All packages
were built from SRPMS in rawhide (not from CVS), using the RPMs from
rawhide.  There's lots of breakage here:

* Perl packages now must BuildRequire: perl-devel.  If yours doesn't
  have such a line, that's the likely reason for failure.

* Changes to the Gnome desktop file parser now require you to update
  your desktop files.

* and other such bitrot.

Please review and make appropriate changes your packages, and push new
builds through to the devel branch.  At some point before Fedora 8 is
finalized, a full rebuild of all packages is expected to take place.
Please fix your packages now to avoid mass build problems later.


Release Rawhide-in-Mock Build Results for i386 Sat Aug 11 15:24:23 CDT 2007

Full logs at http://linux.dell.com/files/fedora/FixBuildRequires/

Total packages: 4674
Number failed to build: 606
Number expected to fail due to ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch: 10
Leaving:  596
(there may be some duplicates if rawhide has 2 versions of a package)

Of those expected to have worked...
Without a bug filed: 595
Macaulay2-0.9.95-4.fc7	(build/make)	rdieter math unl edu
MegaMek-0.30.11-1.fc7	(build/make)	fitzsim redhat com
OpenIPMI-2.0.6-7.fc7	(build/make)	pknirsch redhat com
PythonCAD-0.1.35-7.fc7	(build/make)	kwizart gmail com
acpid-1.0.4-8.fc8	(build/make)	zprikryl redhat com
adaptx-0.9.13-4jpp.1.fc7	(build/make)	pcheung redhat com
airsnort-0.2.7e-11.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
alleyoop-0.9.3-2.fc6	(build/make)	giallu gmail com
alsa-lib-1.0.14-1.fc8	(build/make)	stransky redhat com
amsn-0.96-7.fc7	(build/make)	sander hoentjen eu
arm-gp2x-linux-binutils-2.16.1-2.fc8	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
asymptote-1.32-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
athcool-0.3.11-5.fc6	(build/make)	gajownik gmail com
awesfx-0.5.0d-4.fc7	(build/make)	stransky redhat com
azureus-	(build/make)	green redhat com
balsa-2.3.17-1.fc8	(build/make)	pawsa theochem kth se
beagle-0.2.17-1.fc8	(build/make)	alexl redhat com
binutils-	(build/make)	jakub redhat com
blobAndConquer-0.91-1.fc8	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
bombardier-	(build/make)	limb jcomserv net
brasero-0.5.2-4.fc8	(build/make)	denis poolshark org
callweaver-1.2-0.1.rc3.svn2861.fc8	(build/make)	dwmw2 redhat com
camstream-0.26.3-11.fc7	(build/make)	nomis80 nomis80 org
castor-0.9.5-1jpp.7	(build/make)	pcheung redhat com
cdogs-sdl-0.4-1.fc8	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
checkstyle-4.1-4jpp.1.fc7	(buildroot)	nsantos redhat com
claws-mail-plugins-2.10.0-1.fc8	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
clips-6.24-22.fc7	(build/make)	rvinyard cs nmsu edu
cpan2rpm-2.028-2.fc6	(build/make)	ghenry suretecsystems com
cryptix-3.2.0-9jpp.1	(build/make)	mwringe redhat com
cryptix-asn1-20011119-7jpp.2	(build/make)	vivekl redhat com
crystal-stacker-1.5-3.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
cyrus-imapd-2.3.8-3.2.fc8	(build/make)	tjanouse redhat com
d4x-	(build/make)	matthias rpmforge net
digikamimageplugins-0.9.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	rdieter math unl edu
dnssec-tools-1.2-6.fc8	(build/make)	
dump-0.4b41-5.fc7	(build/make)	atkac redhat com
dvd+rw-tools-7.0-4.fc8	(build/make)	harald redhat com
dwdiff-1.2.1-3.fc8	(build/make)	jhrozek redhat com
eclipse-3.3.0-5.fc8	(build/make)	bkonrath redhat com
eclipse-changelog-2.3.4-1.fc7	(buildroot)	klee redhat com
eclipse-emf-2.2.2-1.fc7	(build/make)	overholt redhat com
eclipse-mylar-2.0-0.1.M2a.1.fc7	(build/make)	overholt redhat com
eclipse-sdk-nls-3.2.1-3.fc7	(build/make)	klee redhat com
eclipse-subclipse-1.2.2-3.fc8	(build/make)	robert marcanoonline com
ed2k_hash-0.4.0-3.fc6	(build/make)	rpm greysector net
eiciel-0.9.4-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
ekg2-0-0.7.20070427.fc8	(build/make)	rpm greysector net
elfutils-0.128-2.fc8	(build/make)	roland redhat com
elinks-0.11.3-3.fc8	(build/make)	ovasik redhat com
em8300-kmod-0.16.3-0.6.rc2.2.6.23_0.45.rc0.git16.fc8	(buildroot)	ville skytta iki fi
enigma-1.01-1.fc8	(build/make)	fedora leemhuis info,wart kobold org
erlang-R11B-2.4.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
evince-0.9.3-1.fc8	(build/make)	krh redhat com
evolution-bogofilter-0.2.0-5.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
evolution-brutus-	(build/make)	bdpepple ameritech net
evolution-data-server-1.11.6-1.fc8	(build/make)	mbarnes redhat com
evolution-exchange-2.11.5-2.fc8	(build/make)	mbarnes redhat com
evolution-remove-duplicates-0.0.2-6.fc7	(build/make)	michel salim gmail com
fluxstyle-1.0.1-2.fc7	(build/make)	miker5slow grandecom net
fontypython-0.2.0-6.fc7	(build/make)	cr33dog gmail com
foomatic-3.0.2-49.fc8	(build/make)	twaugh redhat com
freedoom-0.5-2.fc7	(build/make)	wart kobold org
freedoom-freedm-0.5-3.fc7	(build/make)	wart kobold org
freetennis-0.4.8-6.fc7	(build/make)	dev nigelj com
fwfstab-0.01.1-3.fc7	(build/make)	s adam diffingo com
gai-0.5.10-10.fc7	(build/make)	michel salim gmail com
gajim-0.11.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	gajownik gmail com
galculator-1.2.5-5.fc6	(build/make)	tmraz redhat com
galeon-2.0.3-10.fc7	(buildroot)	denis poolshark org
gambas-1.0.17-8.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
gauche-gtk-0.4.1-12.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
gcdmaster-1.2.2-1.fc6	(buildroot)	denis poolshark org
gdmap-0.7.5-6.fc6	(build/make)	splinux fedoraproject org
geany-0.10.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	josef toxicpanda com
gedit-plugins-2.18.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	trond danielsen gmail com
genius-0.7.7-2.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
gfa-0.4.1-4.fc7	(build/make)	splinux25 gmail com
giggle-0.3-2.fc8	(build/make)	jbowes redhat com
glade2-2.12.1-5.fc6	(build/make)	mclasen redhat com
glipper-0.95.1-2.fc7	(build/make)	splinux fedoraproject org
gnome-applet-vm-0.1.2-2.fc7	(build/make)	kzak redhat com
gnome-phone-manager-0.8-5.fc7	(build/make)	triad df lth se
gnome-vfs2-2.19.3-1.fc8	(build/make)	alexl redhat com
gnomescan-	(build/make)	dakingun gmail com
gnotime-2.2.2-7.fc6	(build/make)	toshio tiki-lounge com
gnubg-20061119-11.fc7	(build/make)	limb jcomserv net
gperiodic-2.0.8-8.fc8	(build/make)	eric tanguy univ-nantes fr
gpp-0.6.6-3.fc6	(build/make)	Matt_Domsch dell com
gpredict-0.8.0-2.fc8	(build/make)	denis poolshark org
grads-1.9b4-20.fc7	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
gresistor-0.0.1-9.fc7	(build/make)	cgoorah yahoo com au
grhino-0.16.0-1.fc7	(build/make)	michel salim gmail com
grig-0.7.2-1.fc8	(build/make)	denis poolshark org
gstm-1.2-6.fc7	(build/make)	splinux fedoraproject org
gtk-sharp-1.0.10-12.fc7	(build/make)	paul all-the-johnsons co uk
gtk2hs-0.9.12-1.fc7	(build/make)	bos serpentine com,petersen redhat com
gtkhtml3-	(build/make)	mbarnes redhat com
gtorrentviewer-0.2b-13.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
hal-0.5.10-0.git20070731.fc8.1	(build/make)	davidz redhat com
htop-0.6.5-1.fc7	(build/make)	gajownik gmail com
initscripts-8.55-1	(build/make)	notting redhat com
inn-2.4.3-6.fc6	(build/make)	jkeating redhat com
innotop-1.4.3-2.fc8	(build/make)	mfleming+rpm enlartenment com
irssi-0.8.10-7.a.fc7	(build/make)	mmahut redhat com
jgroups-	(build/make)	vivekl redhat com
jogl-1.0.0-5.7.beta5.fc6	(build/make)	green redhat com
junit-3.8.2-3jpp.1.fc7	(build/make)	dbhole redhat com
kadu-0.5.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	mr ecik gmail com
kawa-1.9.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	green redhat com
kbibtex-	(build/make)	ch nolte noltec org
kbilliards-0.8.7b-2.fc7	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
kdebindings-3.5.7-1.fc7.1	(build/make)	than redhat com,rdieter math unl edu
kdenetwork-3.5.7-1.fc8	(build/make)	than redhat com,rdieter math unl edu
kdetv-0.8.9-4.fc6	(build/make)	packages amiga-hardware com
kdewebdev-3.5.7-1.fc7	(build/make)	than redhat com,rdieter math unl edu
kdissert-1.0.7-1.fc7	(build/make)	icon fedoraproject org
kdnssd-avahi-0.1.3-0.1.20060713svn.fc6	(build/make)	mbacovsk redhat com
kita-0.177.3-10.fc7.1	(build/make)	mtasaka ioa s u-tokyo ac jp
klamav-0.41-2.fc7	(build/make)	andy smile org ua
kphone-4.2-11.fc6	(build/make)	dennis ausil us
kpolynome-0.1.2-9.fc7	(build/make)	cgoorah yahoo com au
kpowersave-0.7.2-1.fc7	(build/make)	dennis ausil us
krusader-1.80.0-1.fc7	(build/make)	mgarski post pl
kvm-31-1.fc8	(build/make)	katzj redhat com
lacewing-1.10-7.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
ldapjdk-4.17-1jpp.7	(build/make)	vivekl redhat com
libhugetlbfs-1.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	drfickle k-lug org
libprelude-0.9.13-1.fc7	(build/make)	tscherf redhat com
libpreludedb-	(build/make)	tscherf redhat com
liferea-1.2.21-2.fc8	(buildroot)	bdpepple ameritech net
linux-atm-2.5.0-1.20050118cvs	(build/make)	dwmw2 redhat com
lockdev-1.0.1-11.fc7	(build/make)	kzak redhat com
maven-wagon-1.0-0.1.a5.3jpp.1.fc7	(build/make)	mwringe redhat com
mew-5.2.50-1.fc8	(build/make)	tagoh redhat com
mikmod-3.2.2-2.fc7	(build/make)	jnovy redhat com
moto4lin-0.3-6.fc7	(build/make)	jafo-redhat tummy com
muine-0.8.7-3.fc7	(build/make)	foolish guezz net
museek+-0.1.12-5.fc7	(build/make)	belegdol gmail com
mx4j-3.0.1-6jpp.4	(build/make)	fnasser redhat com
mysql-5.0.45-2.fc8	(build/make)	tgl redhat com
mysqlclient10-3.23.58-9.2.1	(build/make)	tgl redhat com
mysqlclient14-4.1.14-4.2.1	(build/make)	tgl redhat com
nagios-2.9-2.fc8	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
nant-0.85-12.fc7	(build/make)	paul all-the-johnsons co uk
nazghul-0.5.6-2.fc8	(build/make)	tibbs math uh edu
ncview-1.92e-10.fc7	(build/make)	ed eh3 com
nemiver-0.4.0-1.fc8	(build/make)	peter thecodergeek com
nethack-vultures-2.1.0-9.fc7	(build/make)	meme daughtersoftiresias org
nginx-0.5.30-1.fc8	(build/make)	jeremy hinegardner org
njam-1.25-4.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
nkf-2.07-1.1.fc6	(build/make)	tagoh redhat com
ocsinventory-client-1.01-5.fc7	(build/make)	Fedora FamilleCollet com
openalpp-20060714-3.fc7	(build/make)	chris stone gmail com
openbabel-2.1.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	rpm greysector net
openpbx-1.2-3.rc3.svn2540.fc7	(build/make)	dwmw2 redhat com
orpie-1.4.3-5.fc6	(build/make)	lists forevermore net
osgal-20060903-3.fc7	(buildroot)	chris stone gmail com
osgcal-0.1.44-4.fc7	(build/make)	chris stone gmail com
pari-2.3.0-5.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
perl-Algorithm-Annotate-0.10-4.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Algorithm-Dependency-1.103-1.fc8	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-AnyData-0.10-3.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Apache-DBI-1.06-1.fc7	(build/make)	Fedora FamilleCollet com
perl-Apache-LogRegex-1.4-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-App-CLI-0.07-2.fc7	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Archive-Extract-0.22-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Archive-Tar-1.32-1.fc8	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Astro-FITS-CFITSIO-1.05-1.fc8	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-Authen-DigestMD5-0.04-3.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-Authen-SASL-2.10-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-AutoClass-1_01-2.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-Boulder-1.30-3.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-CGI-Ajax-0.701-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-CGI-Session-4.20-2.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-CGI-Simple-0.077-6.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-CGI-Untaint-1.26-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-CGI-Untaint-date-1.00-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Cache-2.04-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-Cache-Cache-1.05-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Cache-Mmap-0.09-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry-0.27-1.fc7	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Cflow-1.053-5.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-Chatbot-Eliza-1.04-3.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Class-Accessor-Chained-0.01-4.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-C3-XS-0.08-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Class-DBI-3.0.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.07-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-Pager-0.08-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-Pg-0.09-1.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-0.03-4.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-RetrieveAll-1.04-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type-0.02-4.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-SQLite-0.11-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-DBI-mysql-1.00-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-Factory-Util-1.7-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Class-InsideOut-1.06-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Class-MakeMethods-1.01-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Class-MethodMaker-2.08-4.fc6	(build/make)	dgregor redhat com
perl-Class-Observable-1.04-2.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Class-Std-0.0.8-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Class-Trigger-0.10-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Class-Whitehole-0.04-3.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Compress-Bzip2-2.09-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Compress-Zlib-1.42-1.fc6	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Config-IniFiles-2.39-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Config-Record-1.1.1-3.fc6	(build/make)	dgregor redhat com
perl-Convert-ASN1-0.21-1.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Crypt-Blowfish-2.10-2.fc6	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.22-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Crypt-DH-0.06-6.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-Crypt-DSA-0.14-4.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5-1.3-2.fc7	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
perl-Curses-1.15-1.fc6	(build/make)	garrick usc edu
perl-DBD-AnyData-0.08-3.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-DBD-CSV-0.22-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-DBD-Mock-1.35-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-DBD-MySQL-4.004-1.fc8	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-DBD-Pg-1.49-4.fc8	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-DBD-SQLite-1.12-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-DBD-SQLite2-0.33-6.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-DBD-XBase-0.241-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Data-Compare-0.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Data-HexDump-0.02-3.fc6	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Data-Password-1.07-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Date-Calc-5.4-	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Date-Pcalc-1.2-4.fc6	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
perl-Date-Simple-3.02-5.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-DateTime-Event-ICal-0.09-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-DateTime-Event-Recurrence-0.16-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-DateTime-Format-ICal-0.08-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-DateTime-Format-MySQL-0.04-4.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.0700-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF-0.04-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-DateTime-Set-0.25-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Devel-Caller-0.11-1.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Devel-Cover-0.61-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Devel-Cycle-1.07-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Devel-Size-0.68-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Devel-Symdump-2.07-1.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Device-SerialPort-1.002-3.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-Digest-HMAC-1.01-15	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Digest-MD4-1.5-3.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Digest-Nilsimsa-0.06-7.fc6	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com
perl-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.313-2.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Exception-Class-1.23-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Expect-1.20-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Expect-Simple-0.02-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.02-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.63-5.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.19-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.205-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-ExtUtils-F77-1.16-2.fc8	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.18-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.07-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Feed-Find-0.06-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-File-BaseDir-0.02-1.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-File-DesktopEntry-0.02-1.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-File-Find-Rule-0.30-2.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-File-MMagic-1.27-1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-File-MimeInfo-0.14-1.fc8	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-File-NCopy-0.34-5.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-File-NFSLock-1.20-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-File-ReadBackwards-1.04-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-File-RsyncP-0.68-1.fc8	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
perl-File-Tail-0.99.3-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-File-Type-0.22-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-File-Which-0.05-2.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-File-chdir-0.06-2.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Finance-Quote-1.13-1.fc7	(build/make)	notting redhat com
perl-Finance-YahooQuote-0.21-2.fc7	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com
perl-Font-AFM-1.19-4.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-FreezeThaw-0.43-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Frontier-RPC-0.07b4-1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-GD-2.35-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-GD-SVG-0.28-1.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-GDGraph-1.44-2.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-GDGraph3d-0.63-7.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-GDTextUtil-0.86-8.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-GPS-0.15-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-GPS-PRN-0.05-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Geo-Constants-0.06-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Geo-Ellipsoids-0.14-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Geo-Forward-0.11-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Geo-Functions-0.06-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Geo-Inverse-0.05-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Glib-1.144-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Gnome2-GConf-1.043-1.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Gnome2-VFS-1.061-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-GnuPG-Interface-0.33-8.fc6	(build/make)	Matt_Domsch dell com
perl-Graph-0.81-1.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-HTML-Format-2.04-5.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-HTML-Parser-3.56-1.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.08-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-HTML-Table-2.04a-1.fc7	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-HTML-Tagset-3.10-5.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-HTML-Template-2.9-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-HTML-Template-Expr-0.07-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-HTTP-Request-Params-1.01-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Heap-0.80-1.fc8	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-Hook-LexWrap-0.20-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-All-0.38-1.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-IO-Capture-0.05-2.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-Digest-0.10-4.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-IO-Interface-1.03-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-Multiplex-1.08-5.fc6	(build/make)	lmb biosci ki se
perl-IO-Socket-INET6-2.51-2.fc6	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com
perl-IO-Socket-SSL-1.02-1.fc7	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-String-1.08-1.1.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-Tty-1.07-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-IO-Zlib-1.04-4.2.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-IPC-Cmd-0.36-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-IPC-SharedCache-1.3-7.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Ima-DBI-0.34-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Image-Base-1.07-7.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Image-Xbm-1.08-6.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Image-Xpm-1.09-6.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Inline-0.44-15.2.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-JSON-XS-1.43-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Jcode-2.06-1.fc6	(build/make)	gauret free fr
perl-Kwiki-0.39-1.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs-0.15-6.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Attachments-0.18-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Diff-0.03-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-ModPerl-0.09-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-NewPage-0.12-5.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Raw-0.02-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-RecentChanges-0.14-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Revisions-0.15-5.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Search-0.12-5.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-UserName-0.14-5.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-UserPreferences-0.13-5.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Kwiki-Users-Remote-0.04-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse-0.05-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-1.89-4.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number-1.1-5.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-List-Compare-0.33-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.02-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-0.64-1.fc8	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Log-Dispatch-Config-1.01-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate-1.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Log-Log4perl-1.11-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Log-Message-0.01-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Log-Message-Simple-0.02-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-MD5-2.03-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-MIME-Lite-3.01-5.fc6	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
perl-MIME-tools-5.420-3.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-MLDBM-2.01-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-MP3-Info-1.21-1.fc7.1	(build/make)	chris stone gmail com
perl-Mail-Box-Parser-C-3.006-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Mail-Sender-0.8.13-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Mail-Sendmail-0.79-9.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-MasonX-Interp-WithCallbacks-1.17-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Math-Round-0.06-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Math-Vec-0.04-2.fc7	(build/make)	roozbeh farsiweb info
perl-Module-Build-0.2808-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Depends-0.12-1.fc8	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Module-Install-0.67-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Load-0.10-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Load-Conditional-0.16-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Loaded-0.01-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Locate-1.7-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Module-Pluggable-3.60-1.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Module-Versions-Report-1.03-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-MogileFS-Utils-2.12-1.fc8	(build/make)	ruben rubenkerkhof com
perl-Mozilla-LDAP-1.5.2-1.fc8	(build/make)	rmeggins redhat com
perl-Net-CUPS-0.51-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Net-DBus-0.33.5-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Net-Domain-TLD-1.65-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Net-GPSD-0.35-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Net-IP-1.25-3.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com,ville skytta iki fi
perl-Net-IP-CMatch-0.02-4.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-Net-Jabber-2.0-7.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Net-Netmask-1.9012-3.fc6	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com
perl-Net-Patricia-1.014-3.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-Net-SNMP-5.2.0-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Net-SNPP-1.17-2.fc7	(build/make)	jeff ocjtech us
perl-Net-SSH-Perl-1.30-4.fc7	(build/make)	paul city-fan org
perl-Net-SSLeay-1.30-4.fc6	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-Net-Server-0.96-2.fc8	(buildroot)	nicolas mailhot laposte net
perl-Net-Telnet-3.03-5	(build/make)	jkeating redhat com
perl-Net-XMPP-1.02-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite-0.14-8.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Object-Accessor-0.32-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-OpenFrame-3.05-6.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-PBS-0.31-3.fc6	(build/make)	garrick usc edu
perl-PDL-2.4.3-1.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-POE-API-Peek-1.0802-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-Child-1.39-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-Client-LDAP-0.04-3.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-SNMP-1.07-1.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.09-3.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.11-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Component-SimpleLog-1.04-1.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-POE-Wheel-Null-0.01-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-PPI-Tester-0.06-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Package-Constants-0.01-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-PadWalker-1.5-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Params-CallbackRequest-1.17-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Params-Check-0.26-1.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-2.26-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Parse-RecDescent-1.94-6.fc8	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Parse-Yapp-1.05-36.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-PatchReader-0.9.5-4.fc6	(build/make)	stickster gmail com
perl-Path-Class-0.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Perl6-Bible-0.30-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-PerlIO-eol-0.14-1.fc7	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-PerlIO-via-dynamic-0.12-2.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink-0.05-3.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Pipeline-3.12-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Pod-Escapes-1.04-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Pod-POM-0.17-6.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Pod-Simple-3.05-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Pod-Spell-1.01-2.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Proc-Daemon-0.03-1.fc7.1	(build/make)	Fedora FamilleCollet com
perl-Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.26-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-RRD-Simple-1.43-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Razor-Agent-2.82-1.fc6	(build/make)	redhat-bugzilla linuxnetz de
perl-Readonly-1.03-6.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Readonly-XS-1.04-7.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Regexp-Common-2.120-5.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Regexp-Shellish-0.93-2.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-SDL-2.1.3-4.fc8	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
perl-SNMP_Session-1.08-3.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-SOAP-Lite-0.68-2.fc6	(build/make)	mmcgrath redhat com
perl-SQL-Abstract-1.22-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-SQL-Library-0.0.3-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-SQL-Statement-1.15-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-SUPER-1.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-SVG-2.33-2.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-SVK-2.0.1-2.fc8	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-SVN-Mirror-0.73-1.fc8	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-SVN-Simple-0.27-4.fc6	(build/make)	ianburrell gmail com
perl-Scalar-Properties-0.12-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Set-Infinite-0.61-3.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Set-Scalar-1.20-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Socket6-0.19-3.fc6	(build/make)	wtogami redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-Sort-Versions-1.5-5.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Spiffy-0.30-7.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.3200-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-2.17-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Statistics-Descriptive-2.6-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-String-Approx-3.26-1.fc7	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-String-CRC32-1.4-2.fc6	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com,paul city-fan org
perl-String-Format-1.14-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Sub-Exporter-0.975-1.fc8	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Sub-Identify-0.02-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Sub-Name-0.02-2.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Sys-SigAction-0.10-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-Sys-Virt-0.1.1-9.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-TeX-Hyphen-0.140-5.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Template-GD-2.66-2.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Template-Plugin-Class-0.13-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Template-Toolkit-2.18-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Term-ReadPassword-0.07-1.fc8	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Term-UI-0.14-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-TermReadKey-2.30-	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Test-Cmd-1.05-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Test-Differences-0.47-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Test-Expect-0.30-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Test-Portability-Files-0.05-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Test-Tester-0.104-2.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Text-CHM-0.01-2.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-Text-CharWidth-0.04-2.fc7	(build/make)	Axel Thimm ATrpms net
perl-Text-Kakasi-2.04-3.fc6	(build/make)	tagoh redhat com
perl-Text-Levenshtein-0.05-4.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-Text-Quoted-2.02-2.fc7	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Text-Shellwords-1.08-1.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-Text-Template-1.44-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Text-Tree-1.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-Text-Unidecode-0.04-4.fc6	(build/make)	pertusus free fr
perl-Text-WrapI18N-0.06-2.fc7	(build/make)	Axel Thimm ATrpms net
perl-Text-Wrapper-1.01-1.fc7	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-Tie-DBI-1.02-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-Tie-IxHash-1.21-6.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-Time-Period-1.20-1.fc6	(build/make)	robert marcanoonline com
perl-Time-Piece-1.09-2.fc6	(build/make)	chris chrisgrau com
perl-Time-Piece-MySQL-0.05-4.fc8	(build/make)	chris chrisgrau com
perl-Time-modules-2003.1126-4.fc6	(build/make)	kaboom oobleck net
perl-Tk-804.027-11.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
perl-Tree-DAG_Node-1.05-4.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-UNIVERSAL-exports-0.05-2.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-UNIVERSAL-isa-0.06-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker-0.08-4.fc6	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-URI-1.35-3	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-Unicode-Map-0.112-8.fc6	(build/make)	gauret free fr
perl-Unicode-Map8-0.12-11.fc7	(build/make)	gauret free fr
perl-Unicode-MapUTF8-1.11-3.fc7	(build/make)	gauret free fr
perl-Unicode-String-2.09-2.fc6	(build/make)	gauret free fr
perl-User-Identity-0.91-1.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
perl-WWW-Babelfish-0.16-1.fc7	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-WWW-Bugzilla-0.9-1.fc7	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perl-X11-Protocol-0.55-5.fc6	(build/make)	duncan_j_ferguson yahoo co uk
perl-XML-DOM-1.44-2.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-XML-Dumper-0.81-2.fc6	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-Filter-BufferText-1.01-2.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-XML-Grove-0.46alpha-29.1.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-LibXML-1.62001-2.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-LibXML-Common-0.13-8.2.2	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-LibXSLT-1.62-1.fc8	(build/make)	zing fastmail fm
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport-1.09-2.fc8	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-Parser-2.34-	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-XML-RegExp-0.03-2.fc6	(build/make)	orion cora nwra com
perl-XML-SAX-Writer-0.50-2.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-XML-Simple-2.16-2.fc7	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com,jpo di uminho pt
perl-XML-Stream-1.22-6.fc6	(build/make)	cweyl alumni drew edu
perl-XML-Validator-Schema-1.08-1.fc7	(build/make)	andreas bawue net
perl-XML-XPath-1.13-4.fc6	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-YAML-Parser-Syck-0.01-8.fc7	(build/make)	steve silug org
perl-bioperl-1.5.2_102-8.fc8	(build/make)	alexl users sourceforge net
perl-capitalization-0.03-4.fc6	(build/make)	rc040203 freenet de,lxtnow gmail com
perl-libwww-perl-5.805-1.1.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-libxml-perl-0.08-1.2.1	(build/make)	rnorwood redhat com
perl-pmtools-1.01-2.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
perltidy-20070801-1.fc8	(build/make)	ville skytta iki fi
php-extras-5.2.1-1.fc7	(buildroot)	dmitry butskoy name,limb jcomserv net
pilot-link-0.12.2-4.fc8	(build/make)	varekova redhat com
pipenightdreams-0.10.0-5.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
polyxmass-bin-0.9.3-2.fc6	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
postgresql-8.2.4-2.fc8	(build/make)	tgl redhat com
postgresql-jdbc-8.2.504-1jpp.fc7	(build/make)	tgl redhat com
ppc64-utils-0.11-4.fc7	(buildroot)	pnasrat redhat com
prelink-0.3.10-1	(build/make)	jakub redhat com
pwlib-1.10.7-1.fc7	(build/make)	veillard redhat com
pyspi-0.6.1-3.fc7	(build/make)	zcerza redhat com
python-urljr-1.0.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	jeff ocjtech us
qa-assistant-	(build/make)	toshio tiki-lounge com
qt-3.3.8-4.fc7	(build/make)	than redhat com
quarry-0.2.0-1.fc7	(build/make)	michel salim gmail com
raidem-0.3.1-5.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
renrot-0.25-2.fc7	(build/make)	andy smile org ua
resapplet-0.1.1-5.fc7	(build/make)	rvokal redhat com
revelation-0.4.11-3.fc8	(build/make)	fedora leemhuis info,jspaleta gmail com
rhm-0.1-3.fc7	(build/make)	aconway redhat com,nsantos redhat com
ruby-activerecord-1.15.1-1.fc7	(build/make)	dlutter redhat com
ruby-gnome2-0.16.0-10.fc8	(buildroot)	allisson gmail com
rxvt-unicode-8.2-1.fc8	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
scipy-0.5.2-2.2.fc7	(build/make)	jspaleta gmail com
scrip-1.4-6.fc6	(build/make)	ed eh3 com
sdcc-2.6.0-10.fc7	(build/make)	trond danielsen gmail com
sendmail-8.14.1-2	(build/make)	twoerner redhat com
shippy-	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
smart-0.50-46.fc8	(build/make)	Axel Thimm ATrpms net
snort-	(build/make)	dennis ausil us
struts-1.2.9-4jpp.6	(build/make)	dbhole redhat com
subversion-1.4.3-4	(build/make)	jorton redhat com
suck-4.3.2-14.fc7	(build/make)	Jochen herr-schmitt de
swatch-3.2.1-1.fc6	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-7.fc6	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
synce-trayicon-0.9.0-8.fc6	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
syslog-ng-2.0.5-1.fc8	(build/make)	jpo di uminho pt,pvrabec redhat com
sysprof-kmod-1.0.8-	(buildroot)	giallu gmail com
system-config-boot-0.2.15-1.fc7	(build/make)	harald redhat com
system-config-keyboard-1.2.11-1.fc7	(build/make)	pnasrat redhat com
system-config-network-1.3.96-1.fc6	(build/make)	harald redhat com
tclabc-1.0.9-1.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
tclpro-1.5.0-7.20061030cvs.fc8	(build/make)	wart kobold org
tellico-1.2.11-1.fc8	(build/make)	jamatos fc up pt
tetex-3.0-41.fc8	(build/make)	jnovy redhat com
thewidgetfactory-0.2.1-2.fc6	(build/make)	luya_tfz thefinalzone com
tinyerp-4.0.3-1.fc7	(build/make)	dan danny cz
tk-8.4.15-2.fc8	(buildroot)	mmaslano redhat com
tkcon-2.4-4.fc6	(build/make)	wart kobold org
tor-	(build/make)	enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de
torque-2.1.8-1.fc7	(build/make)	garrick usc edu
udftools-1.0.0b3-7.fc6	(build/make)	extras-orphan fedoraproject org
udunits-1.12.4-11.fc8.1	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
uim-1.4.1-4.fc8	(buildroot)	tagoh redhat com
ularn-1.5p4-8.fc7	(build/make)	wart kobold org
unison-2.13.16-3.fc6	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
util-vserver-0.30.213-2.fc8	(build/make)	enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de
velocity-1.4-6jpp.1	(build/make)	vivekl redhat com
vim-7.1.28-1.fc8	(build/make)	karsten redhat com
vkeybd-0.1.17a-3.fc7	(build/make)	green redhat com
vnc-4.1.2-20.1.fc8	(build/make)	atkac redhat com
widelands-0-0.4.build10.fc7	(build/make)	karlikt gmail com
wine-docs-0.9.42-1.fc8	(build/make)	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
worminator-3.0R2.1-5.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl
xaos-3.2.3-1.fc7	(build/make)	gemi bluewin ch
xchat-2.8.4-2.fc8	(build/make)	caillon redhat com,Fedora FamilleCollet com,kevin tigcc ticalc org
xdaliclock-2.23-3.fc6	(build/make)	kaboom oobleck net
xferstats-2.16-14.1	(build/make)	than redhat com
xkeycaps-2.46-6.fc7	(build/make)	tcallawa redhat com
xml-commons-resolver-1.1-1jpp.12	(build/make)	fnasser redhat com
xorg-x11-drv-citron-2.2.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xorg-x11-drv-dmc-1.1.0-3.fc7	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xorg-x11-drv-dynapro-1.1.0-3.fc7	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xorg-x11-drv-microtouch-1.1.0-2.fc7	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xorg-x11-drv-penmount-1.1.0-3.fc7	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xorg-x11-fonts-7.2-1.fc8	(build/make)	xgl-maint redhat com
xpilot-ng-4.7.2-12.fc7	(build/make)	wart kobold org
xscreensaver-5.02-1.fc7.1	(build/make)	mtasaka ioa s u-tokyo ac jp
yadex-1.7.0-6.fc6	(build/make)	wart kobold org
zasx-1.30-3.fc6	(build/make)	j w r degoede hhs nl

With bugs filed: 0

Matt Domsch
Linux Technology Strategist, Dell Office of the CTO
linux.dell.com & www.dell.com/linux

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